The Produktkanzlei
As Produktkanzlei we support and assist businesses, conformity assessment bodies, research institutions and associations in all product law issues.

The produktkanzlei

Manufacturing, importing and distributing products confront businesses with considerable legal challenges which also present direct legal risks. The Produktkanzlei supports and represents businesses and business associations in the legislative process in the area of product regulation at national and European level (“Regulation”). We advise businesses in identifying, implementing and complying with relevant product law requirements (“Compliance”). We also support our clients in defending their products and applications vis-à-vis national and European market surveillance and regulatory authorities (“Advocacy“).

In addition, as industry lawyers we always understand our product law advice as also risk oriented. Apart from avoiding state interventions and penalties, preventing product-related liability risks is also at the core of our work (“Liability“). We support our clients comprehensively in ensuring contractual security in the supply chain or in other forms of cooperation (“Commercial”). Furthermore, we also represent businesses in litigation with authorities, suppliers or customers defending or vindicating their legal positions  (“Litigation”). Finally, the Produktkanzlei has special expertise in work safety law, with a focus on product-related (technical) work safety (“Labour Protection”).

For all subjects described above, we also offer tailor-made inhouse training so that our clients share directly in the specific know-how of the Produktkanzlei.