Martin Ahlhaus

Lawyer / Partner
Dipl.-Verwaltungswirt (FH)

Martin Ahlhaus

Martin Ahlhaus specialises in chemicals and substance law (including REACH, CLP, BPR, POP) and product-related environmental law (including WEEE, RoHS). He advises manufacturing and trading business on Product Compliance and Product Stewardship Projects and contract drafting in the supply chain. He also represents companies in relevant official and court proceedings at national and European level.

Martin Ahlhaus specialises in legal advice on chemicals regulation (including REACH, CLP, biocidal products, plant protection products) and on aspects of environmental Product Compliance (including WEEE, RoHS, Eco-Design, Packaging Act).

He advises companies on the necessary administrative procedures before the European Chemicals Agency (“ECHA”) in Helsinki and before national administrative authorities. His services also include representation of companies before national and European courts and special tribunals such as the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency.

Martin Ahlhaus has for many years advised consortia and businesses in structuring data and costs sharing agreements and supporting the negotiation of such agreements.

In addition, structuring and implementing projects in the area of Product Compliance and Product Stewardship forms an essential part of his work. He advises businesses on company internal organisation including interaction with suppliers and customers in order to minimise liability risks.

He advises companies and trade associations at national and European level in advance of statutory amendments e.g. in public consultation processes, conducts direct consultative discussions with the EU Commission or supports decision-making processes in the relevant boards and committees.

Martin Ahlhaus is the only legal advisor in Germany certified by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as a REACH Multiplier. Martin Ahlhaus is a member of various expert groups on REACH at level of the Federation of German Industries e.V. (BDI) and his expertise has, for many years, been widely acknowledged, for example as follows:

  • 2019 - Peer recognition 2020 Best Lawyer (Germany/Environmental Law).
  • 2018 - Who‘s Who Legal, Environment 2018, featured leading environmental
  • 2017 - Who‘s Who Legal, Germany 2017: “one of the top practitioners in the market”.
  • 2016 - Who‘s Who Legal, Environment 2016: considered leader in the field in
  • 2015 - Who‘s Who Legal, Germany 2015: “key name“ in environmental
  • 2014 - Who‘s Who Legal, Germany 2014: “one of the best in the country“.
  • Training as civil servant in higher non-technical administrative service of the City of Pforzheim and at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg, degree in public administration (FH)
  • Legal studies at the University of Augsburg with subsequent legal clerkship in Augsburg, Memmingen and Kempten
  • Working as lawyer for more than 15 years in an international law firm in Munich with a special focus on European economic and environmental law
  • 2019 founding partner of the Produktkanzlei
  Languages: German, English
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